Page 4 - Abundance Accelerator (Allanah Hunt) : Flip It & Read It
P. 4

Because... the work has been done for you.

           I’ve done the work for you.

           I went through years and years of hardships, stress, and
           fear to discover this hidden puzzle...

           And it’s how I went from broke, divorced, desperate, and
           packing everything I had into 2 cardboard boxes into my


           To manifesting a beach house in New Zealand and my
           main home in London…

           It’s how I keep attracting wonderful journeys to amazing
           places such as Italy, Spain, Germany, Fiji, America,

           Croatia and Australia.

           How I attracted the most amazing people into my life…
           who taught me everything I needed to know to make

           my dream life a reality.

           And so much more...

           Now, most manifestation "experts" don't talk about this
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