Page 5 - Abundance Accelerator (Allanah Hunt) : Flip It & Read It
P. 5

Because while they're focused on your conscious and

           your subconscious mind…

           This mystery is orchestrating your reality behind the

           It's like a director... controlling every aspect of your life
           without you being aware.

           And no matter how hard you try to visualize your ideal
           life... how much you try to "rewire" your negative
           thinking patterns...

           You won't start manifesting and attracting the things
           you truly want until you can fire this director... and

           replace him with a new one.

           In this letter, I'm going to show you what it TRULY takes
           to become a manifestation magnet.

           I'm going to show you why all the programs, books, and
           CDs you've tried before haven't worked.

           And I'm going to reveal how to unlock and harness this
           powerful key hiding in your body... so you can become
           the type of person who can consciously and easily

           manifest wealth, love, happiness, and whatever else
           you want.
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