Page 12 - Abundance Accelerator (Allanah Hunt) : Flip It & Read It
P. 12

want is already yours.

         All you need... is the secret key that will fit the lock... and open
         the door to everything you want. 

         When I discovered this key to the mysteries of manifestation,

         I could barely contain myself.

         I could hardly believe how quickly everything began to


         Before, I was in the depths of despair... seeing my life unravel
         around me... and desperate to escape my reality.

         I spent weeks dreaming, planning, and concocting stories that
         would allow me to escape the sense of failure, anxiety and
         sheer hopelessness I was feeling.

         I disappeared into my head, fantasizing about a life that
         seemed impossible from where I sat.

         But suddenly…

         The things that had felt so difficult for so long, became

         And as I opened one door, others would open them too.
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