Page 15 - Abundance Accelerator (Allanah Hunt) : Flip It & Read It
P. 15


         My beg innings were very humble.

         In fact, we were so poor we had to rely on government

         assistance for our survival.

         We couldn’t afford a car, our furniture was second hand and

         our clothes were homemade.

         With only one parent to carry the load and almost no
         extended family support, anxiety and worry about money

         was constant... and emotions ran high. 

         When I was 3 years old we joined a church that demanded

         complete obedience to a set of suffocating rules.

         Every movement was scrutinised…

         And although we attended events as we were required to, our
         single parent family never really fit.

         We were seen as a ‘charity case’ rather than a real part of the
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