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P. 16

Social situations were filled with anxiety and I became

         awkward, finding it impossible to make friends.

         I didn’t fit at church and I didn’t fit at school either...

         Nobody wanted to play with the strange g irl with the ugly

         clothes and lopsided haircut. 

         I left this isolated and volatile environment as soon as I

         But the consequences of that decision were far reaching...

         At just 17, I found myself alone, shunned by my family, and
         the only other people I knew in the world, trying to build a life
         for myself. 

         It was terrifying. 

         Fortunately, even with my limited education I found a low
         paying job and a room to rent ... and I met a boy. 

         You know the script; g irl meets boy, g irl likes boy, g irl gets
         pregnant …

         We married and had our first child when we were both still
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